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The effect of consistent evaluation on student morale

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From: Jon Irish <jonathan.irish@houghton.edu>
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: May 01, 2001 at 12:03:30
Subject: The effect of consistent evaluation on student morale

I am a math and secondary education major at Houghton College. In my Discrete Math class my professor believes in continual evaluation of skills and uses methods of almost-weekly homework, as well as quizzes at the same frequency. He says that it is so we, the students, can continually assess how we are learning the material. He also encourages us to work together on our homework assignments in order to further our understanding. Help sessions are available to us if we have questions. I like this method and think that it has been very helpful in assisting my learning. My question entails two parts. First, would encouraging students to work together to enhance learning of material be beneficial in a high school setting or would it cause the students to be lazy and rely on others to do the work? Secondly, if a student does poorly on this constant evaluation, would it be devastating to their morale and actually destroy their desire to learn? (Note, I feel that both of these aspects of the class I am taking are beneficial to my learning experience.) Thanks for your time Jon Irish

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