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New to teaching, however...older teacher

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From: <Hoitoloon@aol.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Jun 11, 2001 at 14:56:29
Subject: New to teaching, however...older teacher

This will be the first year teaching math to grade 8. I have both general math and algebra classes. Last year, February 2000, I took over as a permanent sub and taught math to grade 6-8. Each day I simultaneously prepare for the next school year, by noting any questions that pop up. In Massachusetts we cannot, by law, group children by "tracking" them. However, within the classroom, material can be appropriately assigned to the student based on their abilities. I am coming from an adult training background and have a solid instructional methods/processes foundation. My thoughts are to get the materials from previous year and come up with a cumulative test to gauge each student's abilities. Once I have data I can then appropriately guide each student through their own learning experience. QUESTION #1: Do you have any ideas to add to my own? QUESTION #2: As I begin the year, I would like some input to grading, especially from math teachers. QUESTION #3: I am ordering the Weekly Problem Series I saw on T2T, any other sources for good weekly problems? My goal is to have each student fully demonstrate knowledge of the material by working each problem and providing a written description of each step. I would like to keep this in a journal form that is due each Monday. Any more ideas? QUESTION #4: Any ideas for projects during the year? I have two in mind. The first deals with the stock market and is in conjunction with the Worcester Newspaper. The other is a paper on careers that deal with math. I did this last year and one student wrote about an engineer who designs skateboards. Each student had to describe how math was integrated into the career they selected. Please respond as I want to be the best teacher I can be for every student.

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