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Homemade Math Manipulatives

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From: Jeanne (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Jul 04, 2001 at 19:17:53
Subject: Re: Homemade Math Manipulatives

Hi Lisa, What a practical assignment!! Old issues of the Teaching Children Mathematics journal from the National Council of Teacher of Mathematics would be a good place for you to look for ideas of using manipulatives as wellas making manipulatives for your future classroom. I did a search of NCTM publications and found some literature that might be of interest to you. Your library might have them. Teacher-Made Aids for Elementary School Mathematics, vol. 2: Readings from the Arithmetic Teacher, Mar 1986, 57 Teaching Mathematics with Manipulatives: A Resource of Activities for the K- 12 Teacher, May 1994, 566 Teaching Mathematics with Technology: Teacher-Made Overhead Manipulatives, Mar 1990, 44-46 Just in case you can't find these I thought I'd give you some ideas, too. Base 10 blocks. I've made sets out of old file folders, tagboard, and a product I believe is called "fun foam." (You can purchase them in many colors and buy them by the sheet.) A good paper cutter really helps. If you don't have a good paper cutter, try using an exacto knife and metal ruler. Spinners. Imagine four circles drawn on a sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 paper. Each circle is divided into different combination of sectors (For example: Circle 1: 1 half and 2 quarters, Circle 2 has 4 quarters, Circle 3 has 1 half, 1 third and 1 sixth,...). Color them to make them bright and laminate them. The spinner part is a bobbie pin and a sharpened pencil. Loop the bobbie pin around a center of a spinner base, place your pencil point on the center point. Flick the bobbie pin with your finger and you have a spinner. Number tiles. I've used 1" ceramic tiles I had left over from remodeling my bathroom and turned them into number tiles with a permanent marker. They work great but they're noisy. I've also drawn squares on tagboard, file old file folders and such; written numbers on them; laminated them and then cut them apart. (I do have a good paper cutter.) Hope this helps. -Jeanne, for the T2T service

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