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Functional, life math skills for autistic teenager

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From: Roya (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Nov 05, 1998 at 14:09:21
Subject: Re: Functional, life math skills for autistic teenager

Dear Cheryl,

Thank you so much for writing to us.  Unfortunately, I was not able to find a
carefully prescribed math program, but I can suggest the following links to
you.  Please look at them and see if they are of any use to you.  I hope you
can find what you need for Virginia.

1) The following publication is available through ERIC
ERIC_NO: ED250871
TITLE: Educators' Guide to Exemplary Special Education Curricula: Results of
a National Field Based Survey (1985).
AUTHOR: Ash, Paul, Ed.
JOURNAL_CITATION: Indiana Federation Council for Exceptional Children
Newsletter; v22 n2 Extra Edition Fall 1984
ABSTRACT: The newsletter reports results from the National Special Education
Curricula Survey completed by state department officials, college and
university staff, and personnel from schools, community agencies, and special
projects across the country. Respondents identified 230 exemplary special
education curricula. Those curricula are listed alphabetically by title and
provide information on source, source address, copyright date, approximate
price, number of
pages, recommended exceptionally area(s) and recommended level(s). Twenty-two
subject areas are also identified:....., autism........... math, ....

2) http://www.hood.edu/seri/autism.htm
You may want to check out the autism section of the Special Education
Resources on the Internet (SERI) which is a collection of Internet accessible
information resources to those involved in the fields related to Special

3) http://www.imsa.edu/team/cpbl/working/bernie.html
Cross-disciplinary Problem Based Learning (CPBL) - Bernard Hollister
Problems in social math that call on learners to engage in math and history
skills to look at real life problems, e.g., A tutorial for the Lincoln
problem is included.

4) http://www.goodnet.com/~nshaw/REALITY.HTM
Middle School Math - Reality Education
Reality Education's books integrate real life skills with middle level math

5) http://www.p-l-p.com/sm_html/sm-cbma.html
Basic Math Skills Software - Projected Learning Programs Inc. includes a
title called "Math for Successful Living"

6) http://forum.swarthmore.edu/dr.math/problems/case.7.7.96.html
You may want to look at the answer to the following question that was given
by Doctor Jodi of Ask Dr. Math.  "I would like more info for my 15-yr-old who
can not multiply."


 -Roya, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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