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From: Gail (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Nov 25, 2001 at 08:18:05
Subject: Re: Transparencies

Dear KK, Transparencies are great for displaying students' ideas, since you can hand out transparencies to groups or individuals and let them write on them. It will help other students see the many ways ideas can be expressed and recorded. This is especially helpful as you help your students begin to refine the way they organize ideas on paper. They are also helpful if you are demonstrating a procedure, because everyone can see what you are doing -- how you are placing your hands to use the tool, where you are marking on the graph or paper, etc. One down-side is that they are not animated, like a powerpoint presentation. Another down-side is that you tend to get the ink all over the side of your hand (using the plastic gloves that food handlers use helps with this). Another down-side is that they are messy to clean off. If you use the water- based markers you can just dump them all in the sink (be sure to use dish washing gloves or you will stain your hands. If you are at the overhead working and need to erase something, a spray bottle with 1 part rubbing alcohol and 2 parts water will evaporate quickly and not leave residue. Using a moistened Q-tip will make it easy to erase small bits of what you have written. If you have used permanent marker, you can spray the film with hairspray, or use the spray that takes shadows off dry erase boards. Be careful not to get the transparencies printed out on an ink jet printer wet. They get a hazy film on them that can't be removed. -Gail, for the T2T service

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