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Probability and statistics activities

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From: Roya (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Nov 30, 1998 at 17:47:53
Subject: Re: Probability and statistics activities

I was able to find several interesting sites that have statistics and
probability related projects. Go to The Math Forum's Internet Mathematics
Library: http://mathforum.org/library/
Click on Probability and Statistics
Here's a partial list of what I found:

Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics
The goal of this project is to provide interactive, web-based modules for
students and teachers of probability and statistics. Experiments involved are
written in Java, and may take a long time to load, etc. Contents include:
special models (Buffon's experiments, card experiments, Bernoulli trials, the
ball and urn experiment, the matching experiment, ball and cell experiments,
the Poisson process, and red and black), basic probability (probability
spaces, distributions, expected value), basic statistics (descriptive
statistics, special distributions, the sample mean, interval estimation,
sample correlation and regression, goodness of fit, and non-parametric
methods), and appendices.

Numeracy in the News
The newspaper articles appearing here were collected from the Tasmanian
(Australia) metropolitan daily newspaper, The Mercury, to represent the five
areas of the Chance and Data curriculum (Data Collection and Sampling, Data
Representation, Chance and Basic Probability, Data Reduction, and Inference),
and aspects of numeracy throughout mathematics. Each of these six sections
contains a few introductory questions, and each article is followed by a
short discussion. Many articles can be associated with more than one part of
the curriculum. Some have been purposely linked. Others you may discover for
yourself. The articles are also cross-referenced by topic for use in
projects, or by teachers of subject areas other than mathematics. News topics
include: health, social change, sport, diet, environment/ science, traffic,
smoking, politics, and gender issues.

Fun with Probability! - The Probable Pen in the Cereal Box
A cooperative classroom project for grades K-9. Over a three week period,
project participants jointly calculated the expected value of a simple
probability problem via experimentation. The project occurred between 24
April and 10 May 1996. The Fun with Probability Project was a joint effort
among interested schools worldwide to calculate the number of boxes of cereal
one needs to purchase to receive a complete set of six colored pens. Project
coordinated by Mike Cornell.

I hope this is helpful.

 -Roya, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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