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Gender differences in arithmetic strategies

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From: ---
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Mar 19, 2002 at 06:51:55
Subject: Gender differences in arithmetic strategies

I am a psychology degree student studying a module in psychology and 
education.  I have to ask a series of questions to a teacher but I'm having 
difficulties in finding one who has time to spare at this time of year.  I 
am looking at children aged 5-7. There are 18 questions but I would really 
appreciate it if you could take the time to give a detailed answer to each 
one. Please would you give a name and your level of teaching qualifiaction 
for my reference section.

1)Do you think there are gender differences in the arithmetic strategies 
children use?If so what are they?
2)Do boys and girls possess different mathematics skills and knowledge?
3)Are there gender differences in the difficulty found in solving 
subtraction problems?
4)What do you think these difficulties are due to?
5)Which way do you teach children to solve additon and subtraction problems 
most often?
6)Is there a difference in the teaching method you would use for girls than 
for boys?
7)Do you think that children need to count on their fingers before they can 
figure out problems in their head? If so, does this apply to both boys and 
8)Are there times when you would encourage or discourage counting on 
counters or fingers?
9)Is there a gender difference in competitiveness in classroom during a 
mathematics lesson?
10)Do you find girls respond better to feedback than boys?
11)Why do you think that gender differences in the development of 
mathematics skills and knowledge emerge?
12)Are there gender differences in the errors made in solving basic 
arithmetic problems?
13)Are girls more reliant on counting on their fingers than boys or on 
memory retrieval?
14)If a child is having difficulty with a math problem that requires several 
steps, what do you say or do to help him or her?
15)What do you do if a child doesn't seem to think about a math problem and 
answers impulsively without thinking?
16)What do you do if you have explained an arithmetic lesson and a child 
doesn't seem to understand? Would your approach be different for boys than 
for girls?
17)When children are working in groups what strategies do they use to solve 
addition and subtraction problems? Are gender differences apparent here?
18)Are there gender differences in levels of confidence and motivation 


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