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Telling time to half- and quarter-hours

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From: Gail (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Dec 05, 1998 at 00:12:13
Subject: Re: Telling time to half- and quarter-hours

Here is a review from Amazon.com about the book:

Megan from Charlottesville, Virginia , October 15, 1998  
"An ill-mannered ladybug learns from her mistakes. 
From praying mantis to hyena, Carle explores the distinguishing 
characteristics of 14 animals through the tactless actions of an ill-mannered 
ladybug who ultimately learns from her mistakes. Carle's use of harmony and 
predictability of action and structure excite young listeners with each 
passing page. Though the settings change, the grouchy ladybug continuously 
appears with her abrupt comments to the other animals: "Hey you, want to 
fight?" Perfect for read-alouds, this repetition compels three and four year 
olds to anticipate dialogue and predict the next situation. Acrylic paintings 
of contrasting hues clearly complement this witty text, providing texture to 
the larger-than-life animals springing from each cut-out page. As these 
animals grow in size, Carle teaches the concept of time through corresponding 
gradation in color and shape; The cool colors of night versus the warm colors 
of day plus the changing shape of the sun as it rises and sets complete the 
passage of a single day. Carle reinforces this passage by drawing clocks on 
each page to display the appropriate hour of the day. While presenting 
valuable concepts of shape and time, a moral lesson to treat others with 
respect is also taught. Parents may be offended by the disrespectful dialogue 
which introduces violence to young children, but Carle's overall message is 
clear: violence only gets you back to where you started, but respect and the 
kindness of a friend brings you safely to the end of each day."

There are clocks on the pages, and references to the corresponding day and
night sights. Perhaps students could make books of their own that reflected a
day in their own life, with clocks drawn on pages, and illustrations to
reflect what the clocks showed.

 -Gail, for the Teacher2Teacher service

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