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Connecting fractions with money

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From: jess <jemgirl176@aol.com>
To: Teacher2Teacher Service
Date: Dec 01, 1998 at 23:18:16
Subject: Connecting fractions with money

Hi, I am in my last month of student teaching, and will be observed soon. I am supposed to teach fractions and money. I am having a very hard time finding anything on that topic. I came up with using 10 dimes to represent a dollar (whole), 20 nickels, 100 pennies, and 4 quarters. My question is, how could I represent 1/8 of a dollar? Or 1/3 of a dollar? I am teaching a 5th grade bilingual class. Their English is not very good and they lose their concentration easily. I want to be simple and to the point so I won't lose them, yet I want to make sure they understand as well as get something out of it. Please help! Thanks, Jess

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