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MEGSSS vs Algebra/Geometry for Highly Gifted middle schoolers

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From: Joshua (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: May 16, 2002 at 01:46:18
Subject: Re: MEGSSS vs Algebra/Geometry for Highly Gifted middle schoolers

I don't know much about this program, but it sounds very similar to the CEMREL
program that I did in middle school.

It shows a lot more about what "mathematician's math" is like; you learn a lot
more of the tools of math theory a lot earlier on. On the other hand, that
makes it more abstract, which is hard for many middle schoolers to relate to.

My opinion is that if you have a kid who loves the big abstractions of
mathematics, the ideas, the new ways of looking at things, then this type of
program is very good. On the other hand, if you have a kid who likes the
applications, the answers, the step by step procedure of getting to an answer,
then this is the wrong type of program for that kid.

If your main concern is with the SATs and all that sort of thing, then this
probably isn't the right program for you. It's a program about math, which the
SAT is not. A kid who's talented enough to be in the program, and interested
enough in the "big picture" of math to want to be in the program, shouldn't
have much worry about SATs, though. Of course, I believe that standardized
tests are one of the biggest impediments to learning (especially for gifted
students), so I may not be in the mainstream with that opinion.

 -Joshua, for the T2T service

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