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Geometry Textbook "Discovering Geometry" by Michael Serra

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From: Roya (for Teacher2Teacher Service)
Date: Dec 14, 1998 at 10:45:47
Subject: Re: Geometry Textbook

I used this textbook and the software form Key curriculum last year. I really liked the book and I think that my students also understood Geometry more in depth. With my honors section I was able to go faster and actually get to the proof sections at the end of the book, but with my regular classes we could not. The hardest part of implementing the program was time management. As you know each lesson has a couple of investigation. Sometimes some groups took a long time to do an investigation and that would distract them and others. Also, there are no definitions in the book. Kids have to come up with the definitions of shapes, and sometimes they are not on target. I usually gave them time to come up with one and discussed them as a class, but then adopted the one that came in the teacher's resource book. I then gave them a copy of those definitions to keep. In order not to use the geometry class time for the software, I used their computer lab time. I had to coordinate with the computer teacher and convince her to allow me to do that. I also had to show up at those lab times to help the students with the software. I think that the computer activities really reinforced what they learned in the classroom. I hope I answered your question. If you have more specific questions please do not hesitate to write back. -Roya, for the Teacher2Teacher service roya@mathforum.org

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