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Prépublications, thèses

Les Prépublications
Le projet vise à constituer un index interrogeable par champs: (auteur, titre, classification...) de toutes les prépublications et thèses de mathématiques en France. A searchable index by field (author, title, category) of all the prepublications and theses/dissertations in France. Also links to math departments and major sites in France, and to European math preprint server systems.

Excerpts from the journal "abraCAdaBRI"

"Faisceaux de cercles"
Journal Number 7, Jan-Feb '95
What is the mathematical meaning of the word "pencils"?
"Cabri au Pytha club"
Journal Number 5, Sept-Oct '94
"Les solides de Platon"
Journal Number 5, Sept-Oct '94
"Le tétraèdre régulier"
Journal Number 4, July-Aug '94
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Additional Articles, Journals, Newsletters

Annales de l'Institut Fourier
List of articles, search by author; about the journal. Subjects covered: Equations aux derivees partielles; Systemes dynamiques; Analyse harmonique; Geometrie algebrique; Theorie des singularites; Theorie des nombres; Geometrie riemannienne. Dates back to 1949.

Association des Bibliophiles Universels (ABU)
ABU tries to offer as many French public domain texts as possible.

Centre de mathématiques de l'école polytechnique
Les travaux menés au centre couvrent des thèmes de recherche très variés; les chercheurs sont regroupés en cinq équipes: analyse, géométrie algébrique et analytique, géométrie différentielle, groupes de Lie, topologie et systèmes dynamiques.

Centre International de Rencontres Mathematiques (CIRM)
Part of the Faculte des Sciences de Luminy - Marseilles, France. Facilities available for conferences, Current Colloquia; Mathematical databases (books, reviews, abstracts, French Mathematical Society directory); Mathematical servers; Electronic journals; Marseille-Luminy Information.

Elliptic Curves and Related Topics
A collection of links on research articles on elliptic curves and related topics (applications, modular forms, FLT). Algorithmic applications; Modular forms aspects; L-curves; High rank curves; Heights. Bibliographies. Some papers in French.

ESAIM: Contrôle, Optimisation et Calcul des Variations
A European Series in Applied and Industrial Mathematics publication.

ESAIM: Probabilités et Statistique
A European Series in Applied and Industrial Mathematics publication.

Projet Folium
Articles on mathematics in French, organized by topic: Algebra, Analysis, Geometry, Statistics/Probability, Logic and Axioms, Applied Math/Algorithms, Math History, Competitions/Exams,Exercises, Misc. The collection was begun by students from the Lycée Saint-Louis, now joined by others.

The Proof Newsletter - Preuve Proof Prueba - Nicolas Balacheff
A newsletter in French, Spanish, and English, the theme of which is mathematical proof. Includes an extensive bibliography consisting of articles published in journals, books, and chapters of books, all accessible from normal sources, and theses.

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