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Cabri-Geometre - Geometry Software
The French site for Cabri Geometry II, the geometry software program. Publications, interactive program.

Colorful Mathematics - Claude Laflamme
An educational software series presenting advanced mathematical concepts to K-12 students in a game-oriented approach.

Dr Geo - Hilaire Fernandes
Education-oriented free downloadable multilingual [Chinese (classic), English, French and Spanish] dynamic geometry software for IBM PC. Also zipped activity archives to download: the center of gravity of a triangle; examples for using the spreadsheet Excel 7; functions, inequalities, absolute values, transformations.

Informatique pédagogique et intelligence artificielle, un example concret en géometrie. Initiation, support de cours, discussion. Software in French for Windows. Hypothèses means "proofs"; the software can solve Euclidean geometry problems (construction and demonstration) and correct a student interactively. Articles about the software showing some screens are provided in French and English, and a demo version is available.

L(a)TEX Navigator
General documentation about (La)TeX; The (La)TeX local guide of our site (LORIA) (in French); Bibliography and indexes; Literate programming; Classes; Macros and packages; Fonts and symbols; Graphics; Formats and tools; Engines; Distributions; Typography; Museum: TeX, Knuth, Lamport, etc. (historical documents); Bibliography on TeX & Co; FAQs, miscellaneous ...; File search on the CTAN archive (; Servers dedicated to (La)TeX (WWW and ftp).

L'enseignment des mathematiques et l'outil informatique - Edutel
From the Ministere de l'Education Nationale, de l'Enseignement Superieur et de la Recherche. A French site that lists different types of software products categorized as 1) "Les didacticiels," which provide individualized exercises or activities which students can use by themselves; 2) "Les imagiciels," interactive computer programs that students can manipulate by defining different parameters; and 3) "Les logiciels outils": constructions geometriques, tableurs, grapheurs, traceurs de courbes, logiciels de calcul formel, et traitements de textes. Many examples of problems and illustrations are provided.

Mathe.Ass 8.2
Math shareware in German, French, and English. A reference program for Algebra, Geometry, Analysis, Stochastics, and Linear Algebra.

Neufeld & Associates: The Understanding Math Programs
Mathematics programs designed to facilitate learning in destreamed classes as well as in home study and distance learning. Interactive programs for: algebra, equations, exponents, fractions, geometry, and integers. Understanding exponents and algebra are also available in French. Free demos for all programs. An on-line lesson database provides outcome-based lesson plans in several areas of mathematics and is updated weekly. Also workshop information.

Visia Math - Gauvain
Software in French for graphical representations. Un didacticiel de mathématiques pour lycée ou collège. Vous pouvez en télécharger une version shareware ainsi que des fiches de travail pour les élèves. L'objectif principal de Visia Math est de faire pratiquer en permanence à l'élève des aller retour entre les représentations graphiques et les diverses représentations plus abstraites associées à une même notion de mathématiques, afin que les notions abordées ne soient pas de fausses abstractions privées de sens.

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