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AskEric's Lesson Plans: Mathematics
PreK-12 lesson plans from the Internet-based service of the U.S. Educational Resources Information Center, categorized by subject. See Arithmetic. more>>
Boxes and Bags - Aunt Annie's Crafts
Five projects that are fun to make and teach some basics of geometry: Snowflakes, Geometric Solids, and More Geometric Solids work well in gift wrapping; Flexagons and Tangrams make nice gifts. more>>
Classification (SMILE) - Delores B. Wilburn, Shakespeare School
A lesson designed to motivate students to understand classification, and to teach decision-making, how certain objects relate to the number system, and the meanings of some words used to express mathematical ideas. more>>
Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins - Mathematics - Fromboluti, Rinck
Mathematical activities for parents and their 2- to 5-year-old children, in a free printable booklet by Carol Sue Fromboluti and Natalie Rinck, edited by Diane Magarity with illustrations by Barbara Leonard Gibson. more>>
A site the goal of which is to make learning fun, and to communicate educational concepts in an effective manner, offering over 700 educational games and activities, many of them math-related. Browse by grade level or consult the site map. more>>
Grades PreK-1: Lesson Plans - Kyle Yamnitz, Univ. of Missouri
A searchable archive of lesson plans for arithmetic, patterns, basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), time, estimation, graphs, place value, fractions, measurement, number sense, and many more. Includes suggestions for games and manipulatives. more>>
Math and Music - Matthew Dorschner, AskERIC
Students learn how math and music are related and apply addition to music, learning note values at the same time they are introduced to addition. more>>
Room 8 Geometry Book - Ms. Woods' First Grade
Prelude; Shapes; Forms; Concepts; Activities - Toothpick Gardens, Shapes in Nature. more>>
Preschool Math - Cozy Cottage Child Care
Suggestions for activities, suggested reading, and a fingerplay/song. more>>
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