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Math Market - Diane Bundy
Math drills designed to be fun. A Mac freeware program that allows students to test their counting (number sequences), addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Each correct answer pays $5 to spend at the Market. While answering questions, students watch the piggy bank grow and grow - you can even burst the piggy bank! Then off the the market, where you can buy an assortment of items from diamonds to fishing poles. A summary sheet shows how many problems were done and all the items purchased. more>>
A K-6 Mac and Windows software series for Kindergarten. Supports any K-6 math program, combining graphic representations of manipulatives with mathematical symbols and writing tools to provide students with the power to explore mathematical concepts in a variety of ways, to develop clear understanding, and to communicate that understanding with others. Designed to support the NCTM goals for increased mathematical literacy, which suggest that computers serve "as tools to assist students with the exploration and discovery of concepts and with the transition from concrete experience to abstract mathematical ideas." more>>
Measurement in Motion
Most measurement-based learning activities pretend that the world stands still. It doesn't. Measurement in Motion helps students measure and analyze anything that can be pictured or filmed. With easy-to-use measurement tools, learners create points, lines, angles, areas, and numeric data on each changing frame of the movie. Students can display information in numeric tables, line graphs, bar charts, histograms, or scatter plots. Download a demo version. more>>
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