Technology Conference: NCTM Standards 2000


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Table of Contents

Technology Conference: NCTM Standards 2000

Standards 2000 Project Progress to Date Plan for Feedback

Overview of Standards 2000 Project

Historical Perspective

Standards 2000 Project

Charge to the Commission on the Future of Standards

Commission Members

Commission Members Ex-officio:

Charge to the Standards 2000 Writing Group

Writing Group Chairs

Charge to the Electronic Format Group

Electronic Format Group (EFG)

Professional Development Writing Group

Administrative Support Writing Group

Research and Evaluation Group

Standards 2000 Timeline

Progress to Date

Most Frequent Responses 1996-97 Discussion Groups

Commission Supported Activities

Association Review Groups (ARGs)

Plans for Feedback

Obtaining the Draft: Print Version

Obtaining the Draft: Electronic Version


Reacting to the Draft

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Author: Indiana University