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Tools for Building Math Concepts
an online workshop for teachers of grades 3-5

The Math Forum at Drexel is hosting an online workshop for exploring how technology can help students develop fundamental concepts of multiplication, fractions, division and area through the process of generating data and examining patterns.

Drawing on the benefits of software tools and the strength of human pattern recognition, we will explore ways to address misconceptions and related difficulties that students often run into (e.g. multiplication makes bigger, division makes smaller, comparing unlike terms, confusing area and perimeter).

Program Features
  • Use online collaborative learning tools and the extensive resources and experience of the Math Forum community
  • Experience the flexibility of anytime, anywhere online learning
  • Become accustomed to an online professional development environment and earn a $25 discount applicable to any of our online PD courses with the Math Forum @ Drexel.
  • Interested in teaching math to students in 3rd - 5th grades (generally 8-11 yrs. old)
  • Willing to spend 2-3 hours a week on the online tasks (asynchronous, unscheduled - you pick the time - workshop activities are designed to be completed over a six-week period.)
  • Complete all activities in the workshop
Continuing Education Credits

Participants who successfully complete the workshop may request 1.5 Continuing Education credits (fifteen contact hours) from Drexel University for a fee of $25 to cover administrative costs.

Workshop Dates

Registrations are currently closed.


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