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238: Beat the Odds?

Can you "beat the odds" in this game? Three Door Problem

Choose a door. You will be shown one of the doors that is not a winner. Your odds of winning have now increased! You now have the option of keeping your choice or changing your mind.

What will you do and will it make a difference in the outcome?

Play against a partner, keep track of your choices. Record your findings on a spreadsheet and your reasons why the outcome was expected or not.


  1. How many guesses would you need to make to increase your odds of choosing the winning door?
  2. Which stratagy works best, staying with your first choice or switching doors? Explain why!

Note: Make a spreadsheet of four columns - the first three representing a door and the last recording your loss or win. Fill in the cell below each door with a C for choice, S for switch or G for given.

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