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Teacher Feedback Process

If you have questions, please contact Suzanne Alejandre.

Who will be giving feedback?
Classroom teachers from Philadelphia, PA or Trenton, NJ will be giving feedback on your projects.
What's the timeline?
The teachers are completing a Teacher Feedback Module this week and will be ready to start giving you feedback on Tuesday, March 28. I will ask them to complete the feedback to you by Monday, April 3.
What will the teachers look for?
They will focus on the educational value of your game. The Teacher Feedback Module that they are working this week has these sections:
  • First Impressions?
  • Where's the Math?
  • What Did They Learn?
  • What's the Feedback?
  • Suggestions?
It is likely that they will base some of their comments on the recent experience they have had with the module.
How will feedback be given?
The teachers will login to GORP and will use the "Add feedback" link on these sections that each of you completes:
    Description: write a general description of your final project.
    URL: add the URL to the web page where the teacher can view the AgentSheets Java applet.
    Learning Objectives - fill in but don't be pedantic about it. Just write about the learning that you want students to have using your game.
    Activities - leave blank
    Assessment - fill in by explaining how a teacher would know if a student is learning from your game.
    Teaching Approach or Method - this could be the "promoting learning" area
  • TECHNOLOGY - leave blank
    CONTEXT - leave blank
    DESIGN - leave blank
    Cognitive Task Analysis - leave blank
    Fun Analysis - fill in
    Learning Analysis - leave blank
Can we talk to the teachers?
Yes. I've made a discussion thread on the Math Forum. It's a private discussion. Just send me email and I'll set up an account for you.

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