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Writing a tPoW (Technology Problem of the Week)

Guidelines: When designing math prompts/problems, it helps if:

  1. you identify the users: only require the math they know or that you can give them in the problem
  2. you focus on an important core concept or skill - not too much reading
  3. the prompt is intriguing, either because of the real-world context or because of it's simplicity or counter-intuitiveness
  4. the problem requires integration or application of knowledge, not simply memory and straightforward application of method
  5. the problem should have a clear interpretation unless intentionally ambiguous
  6. the tasks or questions to be answered are clearly identified
  7. you use clear, concise language

Examples of the "math prompt" part of a tPoW: Math Forum Problems of the Week:

Applet List:

Balance Beam Applet

Circle Graph

Floor Tiles

Isometric Geoboard

Pattern Blocks

Pie Chart


Problem Solving: Distance, Rate, Time

Slope Slider

Surface Area and Volume

Three Dimensional Box Applet

Understanding Distance, Time, Speed

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