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                     -b ± Sqrt(b2 - 4ac)
                 x = -------------------
The equation above has been rendered in HTML code alone. Here's the code:
                     -b &#177; Sqrt(b<sup>2</sup> - 4ac)
                 x = -------------------


This is an appropriate choice if you only need to display simple expressions. It's convenient because you don't have to leave your HTML editor of choice, and the only code you have to know is standard HTML.


Using this method severely limits what you can display with the usual notation. Since there's no way of representing a square root symbol in HTML, you must rely on your readers to recognize non-standard notation (like "Sqrt()" in the example above). The same thing goes for integrals, summations, matrices, and any other complicated math notation.

Math Notation with ASCII
Tips on how to display math using only the standard character set.
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Find out what you can and can't do with HTML code. In particular, read through the list of special characters supported by HTML.

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