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The equation above is actually an image. It was laid out with a math typesetting program, converted to a transparent-background GIF, and placed on this web page with an image tag.


Anyone who views your equation on the web will see it with the font, type size, and spacing exactly as you've specified.

Images work great if you want to present displayed equations, as in the example above.


If you want to make a web page that has lots of text and images interspersed, the process can get tedious. Small images embedded in a line of text (like this: sqrt(2)/2) can throw off the line-spacing of a paragraph. Even if it looks fine on your own browser, someone may be viewing the page with a font/type size that clashes with what you've chosen for your GIF.

Also, this method requires that you have (and know how to use) software other than your usual HTML editor.

How to Make Math Expressions as GIFs
Step-by-step instructions on how to convert a mathematical expression to a GIF and put it on the web.

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