How to Use the Integer Bar Program

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These directions are designed to help students use the Integer Bars Java applet written by Jacobo Bulaevsky.

At the top of the applet page there is a toolbar with five options.

Straight Arrow
Select the straight arrow to click on and drag out an integer bar.

After using one of the other tools, click on the straight arrow to go back to being able to select from the toolbar menu.

Rotator Arrow
Click on the rotator arrow and a small, white-gloved hand will appear.
Click on the bar that you want to rotate.
Center the hand icon on the bar when you click.

Here you see one bar in the original position, and the other rotated.

Click on the lasso tool. Trace around the objects that you want to group. Join the ends of the tracing.

With the lasso tool still selected, you can move your chosen group of objects as one.

This group of objects has been selected. As soon as you click on the arrow tool again, the objects will no longer be one group.

Using the Exchanger: This tool works only when the length(s) of the bar(s) being exchanged equals the length(s) of the exchanging bar(s).
1. Drag some bars out onto your page.
2. Use the lasso to trace around them.
3. Click on the Exchanger.
4. The bars will turn dark grey.
5. Click on the new bar that you will be using as an exchange. It will turn light grey.
6. Drag it on top of the dark grey bars.
7. Click on the Exchanger.
8. The new (exchanged) bar will take the place of the original bars.

Click on the Setup icon if you want to:

- change the maximum bar size (10, 16, or 20);

- color the bars;

- show the sizes or numbers of the bars.

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