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Primary Math Activities

Introduction to Algebra
for Primary Students


   Intro to Algebra

Activity 1
   What's My Attribute?

Activity 2
   What's Next?

Activity 3

Activity 4
   Algebra Ideas

Activity 5
   Next in Line


Teacher Support
   Extension Ideas

These lessons are designed to guide young children through an introduction to algebra. Children learn to sort, classify, and order attribute blocks by size, number, and other properties.

Note: According to tne National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), at this level it's more important for young children to develop algrebraic concepts through activites that involve, "classification, patterns and functions, operations with whole numbers, exploration with function and step-by-step processes."

Activities are aligned to the NCTM Standards and the Philadelphia Curriculum Framework.

Each of the lessons has been designed to include four types of activities:

  1. interactive, manipulative-based projects
  2. technology
  3. paper/pencil practice
  4. literature connections

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