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Journal 2: Line Symmetry


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October 15, 2002
Today I taught a symmetry lesson. The students caught on quickly I must say! We reviewed the definition of symmetry. Ameer said, "Symmetry is when you have something that is the same on both sides." So, I asked how can we create line symmetry.

Taurin came up and demonstrated how you can draw a line down the middle of the shape. Next I had two students hold up or create symmetry with two hexagons. I asked the class where I should draw a line to create symmetry.

Tylika demonstrated how to draw a line down or split the two shapes into halves. Finally, I had three volunteers come up. I asked the students to put the shapes together so that the edges touched. I asked if I could create symmetry with the three shapes, where would I draw the line?

A student again came up and demonstrated where the line should be. The students go the idea of line and rotational symmetry with 2-D shapes. We went on the computer. I asked them to show one shape with symmetry then two shapes. I think they were a little confused when I asked them to make a design using three shapes.

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