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Line Symmetry


   Intro to Geometry

Activity 1
   Describe the Shape

Activity 2
   Making Patterns

Activity 3
   Building Shapes

Activity 4
   Rotational Symmetry

Activity 5
   Line Symmetry

Teacher Support
   Extension Ideas



Journals for:
  Describe the Shape
  Line Symmetry
Objective: to show line symmetry using pattern blocks.

Manipulative Activity: An object has line symmetry if, when you draw a line down the middle, the left side is a mirror image of the right side. Distribute pattern blocks and have students create designs that have line symmetry.

Technology Activity: Students will use a pattern block applet written by Jacobo Bulaevsky to reinforce the idea of line symmetry.

Have students go to Line Symmetry.

Paper/Pencil Activity: Depending on the level of your students, you can have them complete this activity individually or with assistance. Here are some possible activities:

  1. Students define line symmetry.
  2. Students fold paper in half and paint a design on one side of paper.
  3. Students fold again and identify where the line of symmetry falls.
Literature Connections:

Who's There? ( A Sliding Surprise Book)
Charles Reasoner (Price Stern Sloan Pub; Board edition, November 2003)

The Butterfly Alphabet
Kjell B. Sandved (Scholastic Inc., 1999)

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