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   Intro to Symmetry

Activity 1
   Describing Tangrams

Activity 2

Activity 3

Activity 4

Activity 5
   Slides, Turns, Flips

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Objective: Students will learn to move each tangram using a slide.

Manipulative Activity: Using the overhead projector, demonstrate how to slide the square tangram, up, down, left and right. Have students place a square in the middle of the table. Ask students to slide their square in various directions on their tables. Children may notice that no matter which direction the tangram moves, the shape remains the same.

Technology Activity: Students will use the Tangrams applet from the National Library of Virtual Mathematics Manipulatives. Depending on the availability of computers for your students, this activity could be done individually, with partners, in groups, or as a class.

Have students go to Sliding My Tangrams.

Paper/Pencil Activity: Students create shapes by drawing straight lines in the directions of the slides. Square - slide up, slide to the right, slide down, slide to the left. Students can come up with their own set of directions for the class to demonstrate.

Kinesthetic Activity: Have students perform dances that incorporate slides. For suggestions see Susan Kramer's site: Dance for Children.

Literature Connections:
Note: There are many books that have the "sliding" feature. As you read the story to the children, bring the "slide" to their attention.

Who's There (A Sliding Surprise Book)
Charles Reasoner

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