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   Intro to Symmetry

Activity 1
   Describing Tangrams

Activity 2

Activity 3

Activity 4

Activity 5
   Slides, Turns, Flips

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Objective: Students will learn to move a tangram using a turn.

Manipulative Activity: Introduce the concept of turns. Demonstrate turns on the overhead by rotating one of the largest triangles 360 degrees then 90 degrees. Talk about how the tangram may look different when rotated but the shape remains the same.

Technology Activity: Students will use the Tangrams applet from the National Library of Virtual Mathematics Manipulatives. Depending on the availability of computers for your students, this activity could be done individually, with partners, in groups, or as a class.

Have students go to Turning My Tangrams.

Paper/Pencil Activity: Students place a dot in the center of a piece of paper. They place, trace, or draw five triangles around the dot to form a flower.

Kinesthetic Activity: Arrange students in groups of 4 or 5 and have them act out a pinwheel's or windmill's movement.

Literature Connections:
Note: There are many books that have a "turning" feature. Topics might include windmills or Ferris wheels or spinning tops. As you read the story to the children, bring the "turn" highlighted in the story to their attention.

The Great Wheel (The Newbery Honor Roll)
Robert Lawson

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