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Slides, Turns, Flips


   Intro to Symmetry

Activity 1
   Describing Tangrams

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Activity 3

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Activity 5
   Slides, Turns, Flips

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Objective: Students will learn to identify the difference or similarity between slides, flips, or turns. Students will understand that tangrams can be moved in more than one way.

Manipulative Activity: Review the concepts of flipping, sliding, and turning. Have individual students demonstate the motions by using their bodies. Create a chart with the tangram shapes on the left with the words slide, turn, and flip across the top. As students demonstrate the moves at their desks, they help complete a chart that describes the moves of each shape.

Technology Activity: Students will use the Tangrams applet from the National Library of Virtual Mathematics Manipulatives. Depending on the availability of computers for your students, this activity could be done individually, with partners, in groups, or as a class.

Have students go to How Can I Move My Tangrams?

Paper/Pencil Activity: Students create a picture with the tangrams demonstrating slides, turns, and flips.

Literature Connections:

The Ancient Mystery of Tangrams
by Virginia Walton Pilegard, Nicolas Debon (Illustrator)

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