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Which Way Did the Bicycle Go?

The book Which Way Did the Bicycle Go? ...and Other Intriguing Mathematical Mysteries by Joseph Konhauser (deceased), Dan Velleman (Amherst), and Stan Wagon (Macalester) is available from the MAA. This book consists of 191 problems and solutions selected from the Problems of the Week at Macalester College from 1968 to 1995.

The book is especially rich in figures (183 B/W figures, 3 B/W photographs, 2 color photographs of coins for a coin problem, and one color diagram for an Erdös problem).

Dolciani series, volume 18. 237 + xv pages.
ISBN 0-88385-325-6
To order, call 800-331-1622 or visit

More information about the book is available at the MAA's web site.

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