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Engaged Learning in Online Communities (ELOC)

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Catalyst funding has been received from NSF to develop a Sciences of Learning Center (SLC) grant submission focused on Engaged Learning in Online Communities. The central goal of the Catalyst project is the development of an interdisciplinary network of researchers who will collaborate on the design of a rigorous research agenda to understand what online engaged learning is and can be at the individual, small group and community levels. This Catalyst project will bring together established researchers from the US and abroad who have already begun to explore engaged learning of mathematics and science online. An interdisciplinary group of lead researchers will work with the PIs to develop the SLC research agenda and proposal through small group work online and off. The work of the PIs and lead researchers will be closely coordinated with activities of international research networks. [NSF Science of Learning Centers page]

Broader Impacts
The world of the 21st century will be one where workers at all levels need social and technical skills as well as basic math and science literacy. That future world is one that will involve technologically mediated spaces where online learning will take place. Work-spaces, museums, schools, healthcare facilities, and other social institutions increasingly combine physical and virtual interactions. The work of this Catalyst and the SLC research agenda that it will define are essential to a world that increasingly involves collaborative work and technologically mediated spaces. Such research has relevance and utility for traditional formal education, as well as for informal life-long learning contexts and professional development initiatives. The principles developed for mathematical and scientific learning developed in the proposed research can be explored and adjusted for use in other disciplines and in new forms of formal and informal learning within online communities.

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