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Potential online tools to support the work of the ELOC subgroups and the proposal development process:

*This Wiki at the Math Forum
[+] Very simple to use, open
[?] Are documents uploaded safely backed up?
[-] No version control in uploads, discussion threads not included

Department of Information and Communication Science, University of Hawai`i.
Dan Suthers - 07/09/2005. If you want to see it in advance, set up an account for yourself at http://hnlc2.ics.hawaii.edu/discourse//home/register.php so that you can access it at: http://hnlc2.ics.hawaii.edu/discourse/interaction/workspaces.php?workspace=40

[+] Highly customizable, intuitive
[?] Will Drexel IST host the server?
[-] Highly dependable on use of MS Products (e.g. SQL Server, Office, outlook, etc)

[+] Open Source
[?] Requires technical support?
[-] Flexible

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