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Community-Based Learning Workshop: Explorations into theoretical groundings, empirical findings and computer support

a workshop at ICLS 2004 ( http://www.gseis.ucla.edu/~icls/ )
Ralf Klamma, Markus Rohde, Gerry Stahl, Volker Wulf
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Position Papers

 or http://lilt.ics.hawaii.edu/temp/Yukawa_ICLSPositionPaper.pdf

Workshop Theme

This workshop aims to better understand learning within diverse educational communities and to explore their potential support by means of community-based technologies. To accomplish this, we will focus on intersections and relationships between educational research and computer science as applied within the learning sciences.

We believe that the learning sciences need to better understand practical, empirical and applied aspects of community-based learning. New computer systems should better address the complex needs of educational communities – which typically change dynamically, are emergent, evolve over long periods of time and allow multiple interacting memberships. While socio-cultural and related theories recognize these features on a theoretical level, we now need to bring together and extend empirical research results on diverse learning communities and to draw design implications for technological support.

The design of tools for supporting learning in schools and universities often focuses on supporting the individual learner or the traditional role of the classroom teacher. Individual classes are seen as the focus of activity, neglecting relations within the school setting or larger cultural communities where the students are rooted. Some recent systems have shifted their focus from supporting individual learners or teachers to supporting group work. This does not solve all the problems when it comes to supporting the creation of a learning community, where learners contribute and build on other people’s experience, combining different perspectives across classes, directions of studies and diverse cultures. We are interested in how to design systems reflecting that knowledge is not just an asset of individuals or small groups, but rather of the community as a whole.

Program Committee

This workshop is sponsored by Pro Learn (http://www.prolearn-project.org), the Math Forum (http://mathforum.org) and the Virtual Math Teams Project (http://mathforum.org/wiki/VMT/).

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