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Virtual Math Teams: Within-class Teams

Your students can form local teams and solve math problems online at a time of your choosing, using our chat system. Teams can submit solutions and receive feedback. At any time, students can start participating in multi-school teams while participating in local teams. This can be a great opportunity to get your students familiarized with collaborative problem solving online.


1. Make sure you are registered as a VMT user. If you are not, create an account for yourself at: http://home.old.mathforum.org/concertChat/newUser.jsp We will send you your password via e-mail

2. Login into the system using this URL:

Once you are in the VMT lobby, on the “My Rooms” tab find the problem that you want your students to work on. You can see what each problem is about by clicking on the “View Topic” next to each problem name. You can also have your kids work on a problem that you provide by using the “Your Own Topic” section at the end.

Once you select a problem, you will need to create a room for each one of your teams. To Create a room click on the link “Create a new room for this topic.” We suggest that you name the rooms with a title that will make it easy for your students to recognize them. Something like: “Ms. Sarmiento – Team 1” or “WashingtonHS? GeometryI? Team 1” are good examples. (Public fro anyone, there will be other rooms) Initially, you can simply create these rooms as “open” rooms so that anybody can enter them. You will learn more about different types of rooms as you explore the system more. Later on you may want to create fully “private” rooms (only team members can enter them) or “limited access” rooms (one has to ask the room creator for permission to enter). Once the rooms for all your teams are created under the problem you want students to work on, you are ready for your students to join.

3. Ask your students to register as VMT users using this web page:

They will need to enter their first and last names, a valid e-mail address, and select a user name (or “screen name”). Ask your students to pick a user name that is easy for them to remember but that is not the same as their first name or last name, for privacy reasons. The system will send the students their password via e-mail, so it is very important that they pick a valid e-mail address that they can access easily to retrieve their password. This is a one-time process that will not need to be repeated.

4. Once all students have received their passwords, they are ready to log into the VMT chat environment. Ask them to use this URL to download and run the java program thy need:

Your students will find the rooms you created for them under the the “Open Rooms” tab. Ask them to find the right team and click on its name. That would take them into the appropriate chat room. Give them 5 minutes to play with the system, especially the whiteboard tools and the references

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