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Research Experience Quarterly Report

Each Ph.D. student who wants this quarter's work on the VMT project to count as a research experience for their program of study must submit a reflection paper on their experience. This paper for Fall 2003 is due to me by email on December 7 at the latest.

The paper should summarize and point to the results of your work, such as an annotated bibliography or a research design on the vmt wiki. You should reflect on what you learned by doing this work, what went well, what could have been done better and what you plan to do in the future to carry the work further. Discuss how this research experience fits in with your doctoral studies and what you have learned from doing it.

Because this is the first quarter for most of you and the first quarter for the vmt project, you may not have 10 pages worth to say in this paper. Do not fill pages unnecessarily, but try to do a thorough and thoughtful job without wandering off task.

I believe that writing is the most important thing you should be practicing as Ph.D. students. I also believe that writing is a lot more than pouring out a first draft the night before it is due. In most cases, I will be critiquing your reflection paper and handing it back with specific instructions to improve it within two days. I may do the same with your revisions. These papers will go into your Ph.D. portfolio folder to document your research experience. They should be documents that we can all be proud of for some time to come.

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