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Web-based Mathematics Learning Projects

IMMEX is a problem-solving and assessment online system. It serves as a 'shell' for the development of problem-solving situations. When teachers register their students IMMEX tracks each of their actions when attempting to solve a problem and records these actions for the teachers to view and analyze. Web problems are available for grades K-12 and encompass many areas including Math. Once the student completes the exercises they are provided a visual map of how their problem solving approach compared to that of 'experts.' Exercises are catalogued based on parameters such as the Average Solve Time, Problem Solving Strategy, Embedded Content, etc.
See ICLS'00 paper: The Use of Artificial Neural Nets (ANN) to Help Evaluate Student Problem Solving Strategies

Web-based, individualized learning assistant in a number of subjects in mathematics. Claims to use a "a sophisticated artificial intelligence engine" to identify precisely what each individual already knows, and what is now ready to be learned. Derived from the work of Jean-Claude Falmagne, Dept. of Cognitive Sciences, University of California at Irvine. a Paper describing the "science behind ALEKS" is available at: http://www.aleks.com/about/Science_Behind_ALEKS.pdf
2004 SIIA CODiE? Award winner for best post secondary education instructional solution

A Web community organized by Richard Rusczyk and Sandor Lehoczky authors of the books on Problem Solving directed mostly for students interested in math competitions (AMC, the USA Mathematical Olympiad , IMO, etc.). The Website includes Virtual Classrooms, (very active) online fora, and blogs for students and instructors as well as free "Math Jams: "improvisational problem solving sessions guided by Art of Problem Solving instructors." They also run The "San Diego Math Circle" (http://www.math.ucsd.edu/resources/sd_math_circle/) at the UCSD Math Department every Saturday morning where 9-12 students cover advanced problem solving techniques and 6-9 students work on introductory approaches. It is not clear whether they are interested in researching collaborative math problem solving.

Note for VMT: They provide access to their archived transcripts of (highly moderated) Math Jams at http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Community/AoPS_Y_MJ_Transcripts.php Each Math Jam runs around 1 hr with limited space allocated on a first come, first served basis. Jams are organized by difficulty level 1= beginning students, 10 = USA Mathematical Olympiad. The collaborative platform used is a Java-based Virtual Classroom tool that seems to support the sharing of pictures and the use of LaTeX? equations but not shared whiteboard. http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Classroom/AoPS_Classroom.php

User-adaptive, interactive and web-based learning environment for mathematics which employs intelligent technologies. Based on semantically OMDoc-encoded learning objects that are annotated by pedagogical and other metadata. A course generator uses pedagogical rules for assembling individual workbooks according to learner's goals, preferences and knowledge. Learner's activities are tracked in a learner history and diagnosed by evaluators that update the learner model. Developed at the The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence - Saarland University. [See Also: http://www.mathweb.org/ ]

WME claims to be a framework for creating and supporting mathematics education on the Web in an open and scalable manner. It consists of an XML-defined language, MeML?, a browser plug-in, woodpecker, a protocol to supply and access remote WME services that implement math services, among other components. (This works seems related to the WWW Interactive Mathematics Server (WIMS) http://wims.unice.fr ) A synchronous Math Chat is also in the works. A pilot of the school implementation can be found at http://wme.cs.kent.edu/lakeview/
I tried a lesson in fractions and found that the feedback provided is not very learner/context sensitive--e.g. you can get the feedback "your answer is too big" 100 times in a row without the system making any pedagogical adaptation as in traditional CAI systems. I don't see a lot of "learning sciences" research but mostly development of the architecture necessary for web-based mathematics education.

Although the site is most commonly known for its free interactive math lessons and worksheets it advertises "math/homework help" and offers some somehow active fora for students, teachers, and parents with moderators, advanced users and novices asking and answering questions. It is not clear if old messages are archived or the fora were added recently because the oldest posting is from Nov. 2004. No signs of research activity. MathGuide? (http://www.mathguide.com/) has similar bulletin boards. Significantly more views than responses with few postings. Might be archived, too. PlanetMath? (http://www.planetmath.org) has a different objective but also hosts fora with diverse activity.


It is available every day from 2:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. Spanish-speaking tutors are available Sunday through Thursday from 2:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. eTutor provides "live homework help" online in mathematics and other content areas. A picture of their environment (PC-only?):
http://www.anytimetutor.com charges $1 a question and $12/hr of live tutoring in math.

Other Websites related to Math Education

http://www.mathgoodies.com/articles/coop_learning.shtm -- secondary teacher Gisele Glosser explains what CL looks like in her classroom and how it works

http://www.pbs.org/teachersource/whats_new/math/tips298.shtm -- from PBS, tips for promoting positive interdependence within groups

http://www.keypress.com/DG/resources/TeachingWithDG.html -- about teaching with the Discovering Geometry textbook, which encourages group work and collaboration

http://www.wou.edu/las/natsci_math/math/class/cooplist.html -- 60 (research-supported) reasons why CL is a good idea, originally posted to a CL list

http://www.wcer.wisc.edu -- Wisconsin Center for Educational Research

http://www.matheprisma.de -- Math Prisms many math problems, in German

[Tutor Match Tutoring and Homework Help] -- Provides tutoring in all levels of Math subjects.

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