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Build a critical mass of participation
Criteria for collaborations we want to see. Make it more likely that we see these types of collaboration.

3 Room types
Seeded: Built around the Problems of the Week. Groups self-assigned.
Open: Groups and Problems are left to the user
Programmed: We define a particular problem and assign people to rooms


    1. How do we monitor room activity? Which activity needs what kind of monitoring?
    2. How do users find rooms? What is the category structure or keywords that would facilitate finding?
    3. What’s the relationship between “archived” rooms and live rooms.
    4. How do we recruit students? Through other informal math orgs.
    5. How do we support community building?
    6. How do we interact with the users and the activity in the rooms? Feedback? Scaffolding
    7. When should we structure the groups? When do same ability groups prove most effective and how can we facilitate those forming? Do we design a matchmaking component?
    8. Do all users have to agree to be research subjects?
    9. What information do we collect in registration and how do we use this to control their participation, as well as for study purposes?

    1. Can it be done in an unscaffolded context?
    2. Will the Current pows be made membership only? If so, this could be the only way to get free problems, but could we force groupwork in exchange for the free pows?
    3. How do we post the problems, esp if we want to keep them invisible outside of the group
    4. How will they submit?
    5. How do we handle solutions being visible to others?
    6. Have a variation in which the groups are assigned by us, perhaps working with specific teachers to arrange this.
    7. How can we facilitate the same group rejoining to continue working together on subsequent problems?

    1. What is the best way for users to let others know when they plan to come back to work on a problem with a group, as opposed to coming back to the room to work on their own? Leave a message in the room.

    1. Should we leave this for later and concentrate on the first two?

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