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VMT Spring Fest Meeting Notes

Feedback: [Session 1] Session2 Session3 Session4

Tentative Sequence - Script

[ ] SCHOOL TEST - TEACHER ORIENTATION: Each schools tests the environment to make sure it works ok from their sites. Steps: Read Instructional flyer, Go to VMT Website, Register, Login, Go to Sandbox
Q: '''Friday 12-1pm, 3-4pm EST Instructions? (via e-mail) Actual chat with teachers? Overall description, goals will be explained later
Who is available? Johann, Murat, ? Available over the phone: 215-895-2188

[ ] STUDENT ORIENTATION: Teachers lead this. Also "open" sessions to familiarize themselves with the system and the goals.
Q: When: Anytime after teachers are ready. We will be available Monday May 7th all day. Grouping? By School. Instructions (e.g read the Wiki? Contribute to your profile?)

[ ] PREPARATION FOR SESSION 1: Most important issues are grouping and orientation. If students have not participated in orientation do we ask them via e-mail to do certain tasks? As far as we are concerned we need the Subject, Topic, and potentially the rooms for Session 1 created in advance.

Starting WED May 9th
[ ] SESSION 1: All teams do the socks drawer problem. They can either pick a strategy from the wiki to start with or simply work on the problem from scratch (?). At the end report on findings on Summary Tab. Either they themselves or we Transfer their summary to a Wiki page. MODERATORS available in the Spring Fest Lounge but not in each room all the time.

Instructions for Session I
(a) Work together on solving the two parts of the socks drawer problem
(b) Maintain a summary of your results in the Summary tab
(c) Toward the end, agree with your group on a final summary statement that you could publish as your solution to the problem for others to read

[ ] IN BETWEEN S1 and S2: Feedback, either collective feedback to all groups or individualized?

[ ] SESSION 2: Start by Checking Collective Feedback and the Matrix. Try a different problem or strategy. Produce a Summary and SEEK Feedback

[ ] IN BETWEEN S1 and S2: Feedback, If team is advanced ask them to check some other team's work If team needs further work, point towards it

[ ] SESSION 3:

[ ] SESSION 4:

To Dos For Spring Fest 2007 - (April 16, 2007)

Release for testing on nickel without vpn - April 19th
Live for spring fest May 1st to 11th

Post Spring Fest

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