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Resource from Ask Dr. Math at the Math Forum
[Introduction to Probability] - A simple introduction to what probability is about
[A review of Some Concepts]
[Probability in the Real World] - You may wonder how probability can be used in our real lives...
Questions and answers from the Dr. Math archives - Find out interesting problems and how to solve them
[Middle School Probability ]
[High School Probability ]
You can also browse the Dr. Math archives for specific question and ask question yourself!
[Go to Ask Dr. Math ]
A collection of online resources
[Resource from the Internet library provided by the Math Forum ]
Experimenting and visualizing probability with computer tools
[A book on Introduction to Probability ]- an online book with downloadable programs and experimental programs in Java applets
[A site with a set of problems] - most of them have interactive Java program built to try it out by yourself!
[More Java demos on probablity problems ]
[Another site with applets ]

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