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Some ideas about version 2.0 of VMT - Fall 2007

Personas in VMT

* Sarah, Tanja, and Damir, the original VMT personas
* BiMS: "isolated user" interested in doing math
* Ester?: "student required to find/create a team"
* Aznx: Regular user, "now join-a-team"
* TBryant?: Math Hobbyst

User Scenarios for a "writeboard"

* Previous Scenarios: "Interactive help," "Finding a next room," "Forming a Group," and "Peeking into a Room"
* Scenarios for "Seeded" and "Programm" types of activities.
* "What is happening?" "What can I do now?" "Who is/comes here" (Profiles/Invitations?)
* ["Anybody Interested"]? "I want to talk about/work on this, anybody interested? Want to work on it?"
* ["I will be here on..."]? "I am going to be here [(at X)/(to do Y)] anybody interested?" (specific/general)
* ["Join my team"]? "I want to create a team (to do X) (and meet on Y)" (I want to join!)
* "Social Networking" scenario in VMT

General Issues

* How are users going to be "aware" of these "messages"
e.g. e-mail, e-mail Digest, internal VMT message, calendar, wall

* Where to put the "writeboard"
Through the Wiki?
In a Room? <- [+]You can chat, [+]you have a history [-]requires entering a room
In a third-party app?
A new component of the lobby?

Notes from Multiuser Environments

Implementation Possibilities

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