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The Math Forum VMT Spring Fest 2006 was held in May and June of 2006.

A number of groups participated from the US, Singapore and Scotland. Each team met online for four hour-long sessions to discuss patterns. Team B tied for first place, winning iPods for all members.

The topic for the Spring Fest is available at: [topic.doc] The topic page includes links to three wiki pages that were used by the teams to share their findings: [wiki rows], [wiki patterns], [wiki problem ideas].

A spreadsheet containing a chat log of Team B's sessions is available at: [teamb.xls] or: [teamb_new.xls] The spreadsheet includes a column for you to add comments. The spreadsheet is formatted for printing.

[teamb_columns.xls] This spreadsheet includes a column for each participant and posting start/stop times. The spreadsheet is formatted for printing (92 pages long).

Other spreadsheets containing the chat log of Team B's sessions can be made by reading-in these html files: [teamb_column.html] [teamb_list.html]

To replay the sessions in real-time, showing the chat, whiteboard and awareness messages:

  1. Download the session data .jno file to your desktop by clicking here: [teamb.jno]
  2. Then download the player software: [VMT Player v1 (2006)]
  3. Then use the player applet to open the teamb.jno file.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact me at Gerry.Stahl@drexel.edu If you would like to share any analysis you do of this data, please send me a copy and I will link to it below. Please acknowledge the Virtual Math Teams project at the Math Forum in any publication involving this data.

Publications and Analyses of this data:

  1. A micro-analysis of the reference structure of a 3 minute excerpt from Team B, session 3 (an expanded version of Gerry Stahl's CSCL 2007 paper): [Chapter 26.doc]
  2. An analysis of the representational practices in the 4-hour chat of Team B (a chapter by Dan Suthers and colleagues for the edited volume on "Studying Virtual Math Teams"): [Chapter 10.doc]
  3. A talk by Gerry Stahl at a symposium on generalization at the Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Colorado at Boulder -- available at: [PowerPoint slides]
  4. The original paper by Gerry Stahl at CSCL 2007 -- available at: http://www.cis.drexel.edu/faculty/gerry/pub/cscl07.pdf

  1. Access to a pre-publication version of "Studying Virtual Math Teams" is available at: http://www.cis.drexel.edu/faculty/gerry/vmt/book/0.html

  1. [teamb.jno] [teamc.jno] [VMTChat.app]

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