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What Does the Math Forum Community Offer You and Your Students?

9:15 - 10:15 Saturday, November 10
    Suzanne Alejandre, The Math Forum, Philadelphia, PA

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Additional Resources
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Community [HTML]
Annie Fetter: Ever Wonder What They'd Notice? [Ignite! Talk]
Max Ray: Why 2 > 4: A Proof by Induction [Ignite! Talk]
Unsilence Students' Voices [PDF]
Problem Solving-It Has to Begin with Noticing and Wondering [PDF]
Writing to Develop Understanding: The Math Forum @ Drexel's PoWs [PDF]
Free Online Resources at the Math Forum [PDF]
DrexelNOW article: NSF Awards $2.2 Million to Project Studying Community-Based Professional Development for Math Teachers
EnCoMPASS: Emerging Communities for Mathematical Practices and Assessment

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