Bucks County Intermediate Unit, June 29th and June 30th, 2000


As Portal to Mathematics on the Internet

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Welcome. Our goals for today are:

  • to become familiar with features and services of the Math Forum
  • to learn to use searching to look for topics of special interest
  • to observe, reflect and share what we learn

-  The Math Forum Home Page - http://mathforum.org/
The Math Forum is an online community of teachers, students, researchers, parents, educators, and citizens at all levels who have an interest in math and math education. The home page features 'What's New' on the site, and offers easy access to all of the Math Forum features and services.

-  Problems of the Week - http://mathforum.org/pow/
The Problems of the Week are designed to challenge students with non-routine problems and to encourage them to verbalize their solutions. Click here to learn more.  Try & Reflect

-  Teacher2Teacher - http://mathforum.org/t2t/
Teacher2Teacher is like a virtual teacher's lounge in that people pose questions and share opinions about topics ranging from classroom teaching techniques to good Internet resources for professional development. Try & Reflect

-  Ask Dr. Math - http://mathforum.org/dr.math/
Ask Dr. Math is an ask-an-expert service in which math questions at all levels are asked of our volunteer Math doctors. Click here to learn more.  Try & Reflect

-  Internet Mathematics Library - http://mathforum.org/library/
The Math Forum has collected, organized, cataloged, and annotated thousands of math related web sites from diverse sources to create its Internet Mathematics Library. Try & Reflect

We'll update these pages with your suggested book marks:


-  Math Resources by Subject - http://mathforum.org/math.topics.html
This service contains recommended resources by subjects including Geometry and Probability.  

-  Web Units and Lessons - http:/mathforum.org/showcase.html
This page highlights activities built by teachers, students and researchers.  

-  Math Forum Internet Newsletter - http://mathforum.org/electronic.newsletter/
An electronic newsletter is sent out via e-mail once a week to those who subscribe, and is archived on the Web and as a Web discussion. We welcome you to subscribe to the newsletter as one way to join our community.  

-  Discussion Groups, Special Discussion Projects - http://mathforum.org/discussions/
The Math Forum's discussion archives include mathematics and math education-related newsgroups, mailing lists, and Web-based discussions. Please read a few posts of mutual interest to you and your partners. Follow a "reply to this message" link to share your thoughts to the larger audience.   

-  Geometry Activity  
Play this Shape Explorer Java Applet; reflect on its pedagogical use, and anticipate how you'll introduce it to your students and support the mathematical thinking it stimulates in them.  Try & Reflect

-  Searches on the Math Forum - http://mathforum.org/grepform.html
We have over 300,000 pages, so this is quite an extensive search arena. You may also search a specific area, which may give you a more focused, and in the case of the discussion groups, a more thorough search. You may want to read some of the tips and tricks provided from the Forum's main search page. Pick a topic you're curious about and see what comes back from the search.  Search for resources on your own and save bookmarks on your disk.


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