Becky Joslin

A thirst for mathematical adventure drew me from the financial lure of actuarial science to an exciting career in teaching. I completed a degree in mathematics at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia in May of 1992 and, having decided five months before I graduated that I wanted to teach, immediately began working towards a certificate in secondary mathematics. I attended UGA full-time that summer and, through the tip of a classmate, procured a position at Louisville High School in Louisville, Georgia in August.

My first horrendous year of teaching involved two periods of physical science. Can we say- OUT OF OUR SUBJECT AREA! I have deep admiration for anyone who can learn how to teach labs, which requires hours of work, yet can also prepare for teaching pre-algebra for the first time. My second year of teaching, which involved NO science, brought much praise to God for allowing me to teach not only pre-algebra, but algebra I and geometry as well. With two years of experience, I've finally gotten the hang of things. I am currently attempting to enhance my mathematical repertoire to discover new ideas which promote enthusiasm and learning in my classroom.

Though a great deal of my time goes to classroom preparation, I find time for other school activities and hobbies. Our band program has flourished over the past four years and our colorguard, which I have advised for two years, has improved 200%. Before football season is complete, literary meet rehearsals begin. I help coach the soloists, trio, and quartet several days a week. In addition to these school activities, I participate in the Augusta Choral Society which has several performances a year as well as regular practices. Are you beginning to wonder when I sleep? :-) LO- I have not yet begun! There is also church choir and occasional solo performances at Sunday morning service. Lastly, I have been assissting with the youth programs at the church since April.

My future plans include completing a master's degree in secondary education and perhaps teaching some algebra in a college setting as well as teaching high school math. Perhaps I will undertake marriage and "the family thing" at some unknown future time- whatever God plans.

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