Erosion Project

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Project: A Study of Erosion

by: Annette Brooks, Linda Connally, Larue Huckaby, Julie Pollard

This is a student Geometry/Erosion study using InterNet. The student will be required to research the history of erosion in a given area, determine the factors involved, contact experts, calculate surface area and volume, make predictions, and invent and demonstrate through models preventitive plans.

The basic steps involved are:

  1. What type of erosion interests you in your particular geological area?
  2. Determine the history of the selected erosion.
  3. What factors are involved? (Wind, rain, etc.)
  4. Where do you research? (Government, institutions, etc.)
  5. Predict future erosion over a specified period of time.
  6. Produce a computerized model to demonstrate the area before and after erosion during this time period. The model should include all calculations showing surface area and the volume of earth eroded.
  7. Produce a second computerized model to demonstrate the same information as #6 only this time consider a special case of a natural disaster. (flood, hurricane, earthquake, and fire).
  8. Make plans to prevent future erosion of this type. Consider the following:
    What could you do?
    What should you do?
What patterns were discovered while completing the project?

Any one using this project should realize the freedom to choose a time span and add or delete from the suggested steps.)

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