Larue Huckaby

I am a high school math teacher and am teaching Geometry at the present time. I have taught 7th grade up through basic college classes. I have a MEd in Math/Education and a MS in Mathematics. I taught at the University of Alabama at Birmingham while I was working on my MS and also taught part-time at Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham. I am presently teaching at Rome High School in Rome, GA.

At this workshop held at Berry College, Rome, GA, I am learning about Internet and the Geometry Forum. This is my first expericence with these two programs. I have in the past dealt with computers, both writing programs and using 'packaged' software. I would love to be able to have computers in my classroom so my students can use it. I am really interested in the Geometry Sketchpad program.

Geometry has always been my favorite area of mathematics. I decided in high school that I wanted to be a high school math teacher. While working on my MS I fell in love with Modern (Abstract) Algebra. I had taken classes in it before but at that time did not comprehend what it was trying to do. Once I began to understand it I began to enjoy working with it. It is now my favorite 'higher level' of math. I have tutored several friends in Abstract Algebra in recent years. Larue Huckaby

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A. Fetter
June 30, 1994