Linda Connally

I am so excited to be attending the Geometry Forum Invitational Workshop at Berry College. This bio is my introduction to InterNet and the Geometry Forum. Thanks in advance to all the users that will be responding to my questions. All your assistance is greatly appreciated.

I have been teaching mathematics at Shiloh High School in Gwinnett County Georgia for 10 years, and I have taught geometry every semester. Geometry has been my first preference as a course I want to teach every year since the first year. Our brand new FTE Macintosh lab has made teaching geometry even more exciting. This opportunity to exchange lessons, curricula, and new ideas via the Geometry Forum is like an answer to weekly prayers for assistance and guidance with a brand new computer lab. It's really a challenge each week to find or create interesting lab exercises to entice student imaginations and lead them to make expected and even unexpected conjectures about various geometry topics.

I have a PBT-6 mathematics certificate with 8-12 gifted add-on certification. My Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Mathematics Education is from Mercer University Atlanta. Both my Masters and Specialists degrees in Mathematics Education are from the University of Georgia. (And, oh yes, this is a second career for me. I was in the business world before deciding I really wanted to become an educator.)

I still consider myself new to the educational scene, and still find it exciting to "try something new." It is wonderful that teachers now have technology available to enhance and enrich educational experiences for students when it is appropriate. Fortunately, Gwinnett County encourages teachers to "try something new," and we are rarely chastised for lessons/experiments that don't turn out the way we expect.

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A. Fetter
June 30, 1994