Paul Myers

Born in Virginia, raised and schooled in suburban Chicago, educated at Missouri Valley College and Georgia State University, I find myself learning details of accessing the Internet on the spacious campus of Berry College in Northwest Georgia.

After completing my BS in Missouri, I spent 2 years in Uganda in East Africa) teaching at a local high school on a hill overlooking the source of the Nile River at Lake Victoria. Returning to the US, I began my masters degree work at Georgia State University in Atlanta. After 2 years Wanderlust struck again and I ventured to Kenya and Malta for four more years of teaching and travelling. Finally I settled in Atlanta and began teaching at Woodward Academy, a K-12 private school of over 2000 students. After 15 years there, I am currently the chairman of the Math and CS department consisting of 14 teachers. My major interests are mathematical modeling, data analysis, and effective uses of teachnology in the classroom.

In my spare time, I am the editor of Reflections(the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics newsletter), serve as the statistician for the high school football team, and do my best to spend time with my five children (ages 1,11,12,16, and 20). Paul L. Myers

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