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Sample Resources

  1. Two experts on river erosion and down cutting.
  2. One expert on coastal erosion.
  3. New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources is doing a compilation study of the Rio Puerco river basin. (Booklets are available.)
  4. The book Geomorphology in Environmental Management (2nd ed.) by R. U. Cook and J. C. Doornkamp has an excellent summary on soil erosion and includes the Universal Soil Loss Equation. (USLE)
  5. Software for both the PC and Macintosh are available for contour maps.
  6. A packet containing three science learning activities in agricultural erosion.
  7. An instructional plan in which students estimate soil losses in three geographical regions using the USLE.
  8. A research activity that can be used to challenge students and an interdisciplinary activity is provided. This activity covers erosion and additional topics with supplementary materials included.
  9. Recommendation to integrate the geography of soil erosion with broader conceptual questions in physical geography.
  10. Discussion of the need for education about soil erosion and advocates the use of the USLE to show the impacts of human and natural action on the land.
  11. Teachers are urged to use the outdoors as the learning laboratory as often as is practical. This unit includes: the importance of soil, soil loss how does it start, factors that affect a soil erosion, the effects of soil erosion, putting a stop to soil loss, and planning to avoid the problem.
  12. An activity packet where students identify different types of erosion, effect of ice on land, effect of wind on land, and effect of water on land.
  13. Articles found in Resource Library in Scientific American : Erosion by Raindrop , Soil, Beaches.
  14. Geological surveys through the Public Affairs Office in Reston, VA.
  15. Three experts on environmental engineering and erosion: Gary O. Bubenzer, Tuncer B. Edil, and J. Philip Keillor.
  16. Department of Natural Resources Boa8ting Administration and Shore Erosion Control Program in Annapolis, MD

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