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Wednesday, 25 August, 1999

  1. Welcome and introductions
    In attendance: Walt, Mark, Linda, Jon, Cullen, Mark, Don, Joan, Bob, John, Judy, and Richard.
  2. Discussion of expectations and needs
    What was the last thing you did on the Internet?
    What would you like to take away from our time together?
  3. Ask Dr. Math Service
    some of the math questions we asked one another
  4. Traffic Jam activity
  5. Internet Mathematics Library
    our annotated catalog of mathematics and mathematics education web sites, featuring hierarchical categories, context-sensitive search engines, and more
  6. Teacher2Teacher Service
    some threads about the Larson textbooks
  7. Public Discussions
    a couple lists to participate in
  8. Cut-the-Knot Interactive Mathematics
    interactive Java applets of math "disguised" as games and puzzles, such as Towers of Hanoi

Thursday, 26 August, 1999

  1. Lesson Plans for Spreadsheet and Data Analysis
  2. How to Download Data to Spreadsheets
    For help with creating macros like the ones we found in the City Mileage lesson plan, check out Excel's help file "Record a Macro."
  3. Sets of Data for Spreadsheet and Data
    As you develop lesson plans around your sets of data, bear in mind our discussion of appropriate decisions and representations of data; and some of the most common mistakes and abuses of statistics, such as the "graph errors" that Paul Cox highlights on his glossary of math mistakes.
  4. Problem of the Week projects

Friday, 27 August, 1999

  1. Personal time for bookmarking, researching more data sets, and completing Excel spreadsheet files
    share a valuable web resource with the group
  2. Math Forum Internet Newsletter
  3. Save bookmarks, data sets, and other goodies onto your floppy disks
  4. Practice navigating from the Math Forum home page to the Chichester workshop page
  5. Reflection, evaluation, and thank yous

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